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Son of Antoine and Daad Boulos, Jean Claude was born in Iskenderun in Turkey on April 13, 1934. The Boulos family returned to Lebanon in 1939.

He spent his high school years at the “Frères des Ecoles Chrétiennes” where he got his diploma.

In 1952, he enrolled at St. Joseph University’s Superior School of Engineers in Beirut (ESIB) where he obtained a diploma in civil engineering in 1957.

On March 5, 1961, he married Blanche Kiwan with whom he has three children: Josyane, Naji and Myrna.

JCB was named Officer of the Arts and Humanities by the French Government in 1998 and Knight of the Order of the Cedar by the Head of the Lebanese State in 2004. The National Cedars Citation, of an Officer's rank was awarded to him during his Funeral on the 5th of March 2012 by Minister Walid Daouk, representing the President of the Republic General Michel Sleiman.

Jean-Claude Boulos died peacefully on March 4, 2012 at 0:10, as a result of cancer. he would have been 78 on the 13th April 2012.

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Jean-Claude Boulos

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